Doomsday Preppers Support GroupDoomsday preppers often focus much of their attention on building up prepper supplies like having an ideal bug-out bag but fail to put much effort into building a proper support group. No one person or family can develop all the skills needed to optimally survive a massive catastrophe. Nor can doomsday preppers ensure that their prepper supplies will survive every emergency situation. Having a disaster support group can provide you with numerous benefits. Read more about what these benefits are and how to build an ideal disaster support group…


Cell Phone Charging StationLet’s face it, we’ve become overly dependent on our cell phones and most of us would be at a disadvantage without them in a short-term emergency situation. In the hours following a disaster, you do not want to be waiting in line for charging station or searching for one of the few working phones. It is for this reason that you should have these Top 3 Phone Accessories included in your doomsday prepper supplies. These accessories will help ensure that that you can still have use of your phone no matter the circumstances. Read on to find out what made the list…


With the arrival of Hurricane Sandy on the U.S.A.’s East Coast, officials are predicting widespread, long-lasting electrical outages affecting millions of people. Although this hurricane is an expected event, electrical blackouts can happen at any time with little to no warning as result of earthquakes, storms, floods, solar storms, cyber attack or other catastrophe and in some cases can extend for days, weeks or even longer.

Even if you know an event like a hurricane is coming, you may not be able to properly prepare because you will be competing for supplies with thousands of other people in your area. Necessities are always in short supply leading up to or directly after a disaster. Further compounding problems, extended power outages could also disrupt water and gas supplies because pumps, filtration and sanitation equipment need electricity to operate. With this in mind, the following is a list of items that will help you survive an extended emergency:

Top 10 Essential Doomsday Prepper Supplies for a Short-Term Emergency:
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Today, our cell phones have become an integral part of our lives that provide us with an infinite amount of information at our fingertips.  Unfortunately, our phones can become a crutch in emergencies when we do not have access to our cellular or wifi networks. That’s why we’re highlighting 5 apps for your phone that can help you in a disaster but can be used completely offline.

Top 5 Apps That Everyone Should Have:
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When disaster strikes suddenly, you may be forced to leave everything in a matter of seconds. You will need tools, materials and supplies to sustain yourself as you evacuate the disaster area, which is why doomsday preppers recommend that you have a bug-out-bag. A bug-out-bag is pre-packed bag that you can grab as you run out the door that can sustain you for at least a few days.

Generally, you will have to leave on foot so your supplies must be literally carried on your back. People tend to over pack not realizing that their backpack will be on their back for hours a day. Therefore, your supplies must be multi-purpose and you must have the essentials to make shelter, collect and purify water, make fire and possibly hunt, fish or trap small game if the disaster continues for an extended period. For this reason, it is recommended that doomsday preppers have these 20 items in your bug-out-bag:

20 Must Have Bug-Out-Bag Supplies for Doomsday Preppers:

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Disasters pose a series of problems for individuals and communities and one of the concerns that needs to be a priority for any family or individual is personal protection in the days after. As a crisis extends, people will become more and more desperate and will turn to looting and violence. A classic example was the looting and violence that took place following Hurricane Katrina. There were even examples of law enforcement officers participating in the looting. If you simply believe nothing will happen to you in a disaster, you will never prepare and will be beset by the sudden and overwhelming violence in the days after a disaster.
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It is common knowledge that having a supply of water in an emergency is a necessity but most often people do not store water unless they hear of an imminent disaster. This is evidenced by the long lines of people buying water at grocery stores in the hours leading up to a hurricane landfall or snowstorm. Just how much water does a person need for an emergency and what is the best method to store it?

Recommended Amount of Emergency Water Storage

The U.S. Government’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that every person should store Click to read more about life-saving emergency water storage…


Doomsday Preppers No Shooting

Doomsday preppers have been raiding the shelves of gun stores since the recent election and even more so with the rumors of stricter guns laws following the Connecticut school shooting. Purchases of guns have not been limited to assault weapons but have included handguns, rifles and shotguns. There has even been a run on ammunition as fear has spread that the government will restrict sales of bullets. With all of the frenzy, prices have soared to record highs as demand has outstripped supply. Are doomsday preppers foolish for buying when prices are astronomically high or are they wise to be buying before the government restricts further sales? Foolish or savvy? Read on to find out….

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Today, you can watch any number of television shows on prepping from Doomsday Preppers to Man vs Wild to Survivor. By watching some of these show, you may develop a false sense of security in that you may think that you are prepared to handle a disaster but nothing will prepare you for a disaster like hands on disaster simulation training. The US Government is offering this very training for free in local communities all across the country. In addition, those who go through the training will be offered the ongoing opportunity to help their community and sharpen their skills by assisting emergency responders with real emergency events.
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On September 1, 1859, the sun unleashed one of the most powerful solar storms ever recorded and it happened during the middle of a low solar cycle.  The flare was observed and recorded by amateur astronomer Richard C. Carrington shortly after 11AM that day but it was only visible for a matter of minutes.  Due to the uniqueness of the flare, scientists are still not sure how it should be categorized.  Just seventeen hours later the effects of the solar blast were seen and felt all over the world.

The Effects of the Mega Solar Storm

In the early morning hours the next day, auroras were observed in the skies all over the world.  The solar storm was so strong that auroras were observed as far south as Florida, Hawaii, Cuba, and the Bahamas.  A Colorado reporter wrote, “On the night of [September 1] we were high up on the Rocky Mountains sleeping in the open air.  A little after midnight we were awakened by the auroral light, so bright that one could easily read common print. Some of the party insisted that it was daylight and began the preparation of breakfast.”  Ships across the Atlantic reported that their compasses spun erratically making it impossible for them to get their bearings.

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