Are Preppers Fools to Buy Guns Now?

by Michael

Doomsday Preppers No Shooting

Doomsday preppers have been raiding the shelves of gun stores since the recent election and even more so with the rumors of stricter guns laws following the Connecticut school shooting. Purchases of guns have not been limited to assault weapons but have included handguns, rifles and shotguns. There has even been a run on ammunition as fear has spread that the government will restrict sales of bullets. With all of the frenzy, prices have soared to record highs as demand has outstripped supply. Are doomsday preppers foolish for buying when prices are astronomically high or are they wise to be buying before the government restricts further sales?

Are Stricter Gun Regulations Coming?

At the federal level, it seems unlikely that any meaningful gun legislation will gain bipartisan support any time in the near future. Special interest and constituent concerns within both the Democrat and Republican parties, mean that it is unlikely that any firearm restrictions will pass both the House and the Senate. Executive orders by the President will only seek to enforce current laws and further studies on gun use. The one area that may find bipartisan support could be the ban on assault weapons, which were banned in the U.S. from 1994 – 2004. Although Congressional gridlock as well as studies of the ineffectiveness of the assault ban on curbing gun violence may well block any new legislation from passing. With the unlikelihood of any new federal laws passing, it seems foolish to be buying firearms when prices are so high.

At the state level, new more restrictive gun laws seem to be making some headway with New York leading the charge. The recent New York gun control measures ban the sale of assault style weapons and magazine clips carrying more than 7 bullets.  Those who bought the weapons in New York before the ban can keep them which seems to indicate that those who paid the high prices in the days before the legislation was passed were wise to do so. Numerous other states are exploring similar options, which will likely further spur sales at even higher prices of all types of firearms.

Many Are Foolish But Others Are Wise

Preppers who are buying assault type weapons in states where the local government is favorable to stricter gun laws may be wise to do so but there is a risk that such purchases could turn them into outlaws if an all out ban is put into place. There is virtually no chance that the government will ban pistols, rifles or shotguns in the near future yet many foolish preppers are paying premium prices for such items out of fear. Their money would be much better spent other essential prepper supplies. Many doomsday preppers would be smart to sell any unneeded firearms for a handsome profit in this hot market.


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Randy March 18, 2013 at 4:35 pm

This is a good analysis. People forget that even with the recent election outcome, we are still in an era of divided government between Democrats and Republicans. Even if polling shows strong support for certain forms of gun control, eg assault weapons ban, that polling is usually not at the congressional district level, which is what counts. Moderate Democrats and Republicans will be under tremendous pressure not to budge on guns, even if the far left is screaming for it. Also let’s not forget the NRA has been bi-partisan to a fault in supporting candidates for office. Notably NRA endorsed Harry Reid for re-election, which could prove decisive in the Senate.


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