You Will Not Survive a Major Disaster On Your Own: Disaster Support Groups

by Michael

Doomsday Preppers Support GroupDoomsday preppers often focus much of their attention on building up prepper supplies like having an ideal bug-out bag but fail to put much effort into building a proper support group. No one person or family can develop all the skills needed to optimally survive a massive catastrophe. Nor can doomsday preppers ensure that their prepper supplies will survive every emergency situation. Having a disaster support group can provide you with numerous benefits.

Disasters cause damage that can leave communities in shambles and the damage is not limited to physical things. The loss of control along with the destruction of a lifetime’s worth of processions can affect people in unpredictable ways. Survivors also have to deal with fatalities and injuries. Having a disaster support group can take some of the stress and responsibility off of you in an impossible time. This is why part of preparing for a disaster should include having support groups that you can turn to for help.

Having a support group can also provide you with some insurance in case your prepper supplies are destroyed in a flood, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster. You should have an agreement in place with the others in your support group that outlines how your group will support one another in case there are those who’s supplies are ruined in the disaster. By sharing the risk with others you will raise your chances of survival.

People often ask me what they can do to prep on a limited budget. One the best things that you can do is build up skills that will be considered valuable in an emergency situation. Having first aid, foraging, hunting, or other essential skills will be far more valuable to some than boxes of canned food. Go to the library to find books on these subjects and find free training in your region through Meetup groups. Begin reaching out to others in your community through forums, Meetup groups, and CERT groups to find others that would be valuable additions to your support group.

Do you have a doomsday preppers support group? How has it strengthened your doomsday prepper plans? Where have you had the most success finding other like-minded preppers?

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Mary January 27, 2013 at 9:55 am

Crafts. Nice article. Children of all ages love to be part of the filmay planning, it makes them feel included and like they are actually helping. Children can often come up with new ideas on planning to as their minds are not as polluted as adults with the notions of cannot do this attitudes. Children to need to be explained the truth about why prepping for disasters is so important, even the ugly part of the truth as they will find out soon enough just how terrible chaos will really be for everyone. This is a suggestion as some children have to be slowly fed the truth of WHY it is necessary to be ready.Children to, just as you have said, need exercises to be good planners. In fact the adults need this desperately also. People will be amazed at how adaptable children are when their parents, guardians, and others spend constructive time with them, and keep them from spending all their time on these mindless toys and other garbage that has dumbed down so many young people. Clinton, you sound like your children are learning much from you, Good for you.


Riley October 4, 2013 at 10:14 am

Now i have to go and start a Diaster group, (I don;t think there is one in Adrian,MI.


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